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Can I buy art?

In most cases, yes. Select artworks may have sale restrictions, but we’ll let you know if they’re not for sale before you choose them.

How long can I keep the art?

Our minimum contracts are 1 year. You can pay up front for the year or pay monthly. After a year, you can keep the art as long as you’d like. You are eligible to purchase artwork at any time. After one year, you are eligible to make changes to your collection.

What if I want to buy one piece, but not the rest?

Great, lots of our members will slowly collect artwork over time and we’re happy to adjust your membership pricing to reflect your purchases.

What if we have to move?

Just let your advisor know and we’ll come pick up the art and either move it for you, or help you curate your new space. Per our member agreement, you may not move the art yourself.

Do you work with Interior Designers?

Yes! If you’re already working with an interior designer, give us a heads up. We’ll be happy to have them included in the selection process. If you’re an interior designer, we’d love to work together to help benefit your client. Make sure to ask about our trade program.

I live with kids…

Children and pets are welcome here. When we measure your space we’ll be taking careful consideration on where to safely hang your collection. We will never hang artwork in a space we feel it’s not safe. For kids and pets that typically means nothing near food, playrooms and/or low to the ground. We’ll also make sure artworks are properly protected by framing or encasements if necessary.

What if something happens to the artwork?

While we expect you to treat this art like it was your own, we understand that mistakes do happen. Should insurance need to be involved, CoCollect fully insures the artwork, but we recommend further protection by making sure your homeowners insurance covers the amount of artwork you’re loaning, or adding a schedule of artwork to your policy. We’re happy to assist and make this process easy for you.

Do you do short term rentals or events?

Only with the right partners. Reach out to and we’ll see if we could be a good fit for each other.